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REVA University is one of the few multidisciplinary Universities that uphold the culture and heritage through its various social outreach initiatives. In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and NEP policy, the Department of Sports & Physical Education at REVA University has come up with a unique initiative called Khel Khoj, which is an attempt to bring to modern society the importance of traditional games and bring them back as a component of the Indian Knowledge System.

With time, we have not only lost the zeal for indigenous games but also there are fewer playing spaces for children and students. In this modern era, it is always a challenge to find new ways to play traditional games in limited spaces. As pioneers in higher education and a Social Impact University, REVA, in alignment with UN SDGs, NEP 2020 and G20 India has initiated Khel Khoj to promote and revitalise indigenous sports. By doing this, REVA aligns with the Ministry of Education, Government of India and its mission to bring back traditional games from different Indian states.

The name Khel Khoj means ‘Search for Games’. India has a rich culture and tradition and has always included sports and games with some ancient games dating back thousands of years. NEP 2020 talks in detail about how Universities must take the lead to bring innovative changes in our curriculum, by incorporating its suggestions and making a creative change in the education policy. This is where REVA University opened its door as pioneers in the country to conduct various events to uphold the culture and tradition. Khel Khoj is one of these many initiatives started by REVA.

Khel Khoj event will kickstart at the REVA campus on February 11, 2023. The event will be held in Saugandhika, REVA University Sports ground and the open pathways inside the campus. As a part of this, REVA has identified more than 35 indigenous games that have their roots in various Indian states. In its initial phase of Khel Khoj, REVA focuses on field sports, martial arts, and indoor / board games, with intentions to expand on this with additional native games from different parts of the country. Each School will take up two indigenous sports and showcase them by exhibiting under various categories like the history of the sport, the values each game inculcate and showcasing the sport with various costumes, equipment and pictures. Additionally, there will be an activity where students and others can participate in games or experience a portion of the game.

Depending on the sports or games, there will also be team-building activities, research on the history of the games, coordination with associations of each sport, procurement of materials and eventually the execution of the games.

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