SDP on Copy Writing and Content Development

School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


REVA University, Skill Development Programme


The School of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences organised a 5 days Skill Development Programme on “COPY WRITING AND CONTENT DEVELOPMENT” from 19.9.2022 to 24.9.2022 for 3rd semester B.A PEJ, THJ, JEP and 5th semester B.A PEJ, JEP and THJ. The resource person for the event was Alumni Ms. Shreshi and Ms. Anwesha. The programme was organised for the students of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences. 120 students attended the session. The resource person emphasised on various aspects of Content writing , copy writing like, SEO and Social Media Advertisement. The session was highly informative and the students gained insights on scope of digital media marketing from career point of view. The topic was relevant to the media courses and oriented towards job opportunities in this niche field for media students. The 5 days session ended with a ‘Question and Answer Session’ that was both informative and inspirational. The students approached the resource person with specific queries, which were clarified effectively.