Alumni Talk on Data Journalism-School of Arts and Humanities

Department of Media Studies


REVA University, Saugandhika

The School of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Media Studies, hosted an alumni guest lecture at Reva University campus on the 27th of September. Vishwanath Patil a former student of Masters of Journalism gave a talk on “Prospects and relevance of Data journalism”. The two-hour session was a great success with excellent participation from students and faculty members.

Vishwanath Patil working as media lead in the “Voice of Commons” company, Bangalore delivered a detailed talk on the current importance of data in journalism. The entire session boosted the knowledge and was informative for the students.

There were many things that were discussed by Vishwanath Patil,that included the aspects of current significance of data in journalism. Vishwanath Patil said this is the time for the post graduate students to learn everything in college and to take help from the faculty members because time will never come back. He also stressed on how important is curiosity in data journalism. He ended the discussion with giving tips to the students on how to develop effective skills to pursue career in media industry. He also touched on the topics of branding, PR industry and print media.

The guest lecture ended with a fruitful participation from the students who raised their queries on the same topic. The ‘Question and Answer Session’ was both informative and educative. The entire session was well organised and informative. The students gained insights about various aspects of data journalism.